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Ban rules

  •  You cannot ban ANYONE without valid proof! Failing to provide valid proofs on Ban Appeals can lead you to get instantly demoted / Administrative warning.
  •  There are some special cases for permanent bans that are not listed below, but that's up to management+.
  •  No joke bans & no immature reasons (e.g 'AB hahha noob') give a proper reason.
  •  No usage of abbreviations (eg: CL, AB, TP, SH) while banning/kicking/warning. Use proper reason (eg: Aimbot, Combat Logging, Flying, X-ray). In-case if the player is using multiple mods then you may use abbreviations for example (eg: AB+) only in some cases.

Ban Periods
  •  Aimbot - Permanent Ban.
  •  Duping- Permanent Ban.
  •  Advertisement - Permanent Ban.

  •  Using exploits - 7 Day to permanent ban depending situation.
  •  Auto-clicker - 7 Day Ban.
  •  Griefing - 1d on first offense, 3d on second and 7d on the third (and so on).
  •  Scamming - 3 Day Ban.
  •  Offensive builds - 2 Day Ban.
  •  Heavy Insults/Racist Rants - 7 Day Ban (after /warn(ing) and /kick(ing)).
  •  Trapping/home trapping - 2 Day Ban.
  •  Using x-ray - Warn, kick and then 3 Day Ban.

Explaining insults/racists comments with details:

This rule has been set in place to punish toxic players in our community. Bans can also be lower than 7 days depending on how severe the text was, this is up to the banning moderator to decide.

Reasons to ban someone for Heavy Insults/Racist ranks:

  •  They are being completely disrespectful to another player and lashing out extremely hurtful comments and curse words.
  •  Extreme insults towards another player.
  •  Bashing someones family in a hurtful manner.
  •  Bashing someones religion/country of origin in order to cause emotional harm.
  •  Using swear words.

I understand a large percentage of our community consists of young children. So, we must keep it friendly. Some people are offended easily. But, make sure you DO NOT ban someone for being lightly disrespectful or simply joking around with other players by doing some simple toxic language.

You can only ban after you follow this procedure.

  • 1st The players is insulting someone through PM's/Global Chat, insulting them by cursing at them for killing them, insulting their religion, or insulting their family.

Once you notice the above situation happening, first you must warn the player using the command /warn.

  • 2nd Player ignores your statement from his remarks, and continues to heavily insult someones religion or race, etc.

Once you notice the above situation happening, the player ignored your warning, then you must script /kick the player and/or mute them.

  • 3rd Player still continues his toxic attitude and continues to insult with foul language. 

Once you notice the above situation happening, the player has had his final strike. You the admin will then ban the player for 7 days, or less depending on how severe the situation was.

This is not a complete list and Management+ reserve the right to change, modify, edit, or delete anything listed here any time with or without a proper reason or explanation.

Warnings rules

Due to many incorrect warnings in the past, here are guidelines for warning players.

If none of the conditions below is met then you are NOT allowed to warn the player.

  •  The player is insulting someone's family.
  •  The player is saying things that can be considered racism.
  •  The player is abusing /ask
  •  The player is spamming.
  •  The player is abusing commands to gain an advantage.
  •  The player is exploiting bugs.
  •  The player is bypassing swear filter.
  •  The player is using x-ray (first warning)

Warnings players for the reasons below are clearly not allowed

  •  Stupid questions in /ask

Warnings are logged and will be monitored.

Kicking rules 

Kicking a player from the game may only be done if one of the following conditions is met, if not a single of the below conditions is met then you are not allowed to kick the player from the game.

Valid reasons for kicking a player are:

  •  The player is desycned.
  •  The player is bugged.
  •  The player is abusing /ask and they have been warned about it before. (Or any other command that is abused)
  •  The player is using x-ray cheats and has been warned before.
  •  The player is cheating and has been warned about it.

Punishments apply for not following these guidelines.

Note: management and higher can decide to kick a player regardless of the reason, they are considered experienced enough to make valid decisions based on the situation.

Mute rules

You may mute a player only if one of the below conditions are met:

  • The player is constantly spamming/flooding.
  • The player is using offensive language. 
  • The player is spamming/insulting another player in private message.
  • The player is constantly asking for items and or ranks.

All punishments are logged and monitored.

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