Chat Rules


Please use English only in public chat. Communicating in other languages is allowed via private messages. Keep your language clean; swearing is not allowed.

No NSFW Content

AtlanticCraft is a kid friendly server and its players should thus not be exposed to NSFW content. This includes profanity, nudity or pornography.

No Advertising

Advertising other servers, your personal content or anything related is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban.

No Spam

A repetition of unwanted messages, flooding or excessive usage of capslock will be considered as spam.

No Toxicity

Do not harass or be rude towards other players. Excessive criticism or any form of shaming (making fun of names, skincolor, insulting religion/God, race and nationality). Blackmailing to leak someone’s IP address, Threatening to cyber-attack someone or any sort of internet
threats will lead to a permanent ban.

Be sensible with chat

We try to be generally accepting of most chat topics but things that are hotly contentious would be better off discussed on any of the millions of other communications platforms there are out there. (Politics, Religion,NSFW etc.)

No begging for items or ranks

Repeatedly asking for items or op will result in you getting muted.


No impersonating

Do not impersonate any staff member or other players.


Griefing of any sorts is strictly prohibited and will lead to a ban. This includes destroying player-made builds as well as nature griefing.


Stealing is not allowed and is considered a form of griefing. If you're trusted to a claim and/or share a base with someone, make sure they are okay with you taking their items first.

Hacking & Exploits

Using hacks or any sort of game exploits is prohibited and will lead to a ban. This includes but is not limited to:

  • X-Ray
  • duping
  • flying
  • combat hacks
  • phase hacks
  • autoclickers


  • You may not trap nether portals so a player remains inside of them indefinitely. You may however trap portals to kill players.
  • You may not bait players and kill them (Ex. /tpa to me for free diamonds, or come to my /home for emeralds)
  • You may not attack a new player within a week of their joining of the server. This is to promote a growing community. The exception is if they strike you first, then you are free to kill them in any matter you wish.
  • It is LEGAL to throw items at players to disable their PvP invulnerability.
  • It is ILLEGAL to throw items at players to disable their invulnerability at their homeset or spawnset.
  • It is LEGAL to teleport to a player’s base and repeatedly kill them. If you are doing this, you must give a 10 minute interval between each kill, and leave their base so they can choose to take defensive measures.
    Even in the situation where you are under attack, you are allowed to fight them off to attempt to escape. But if they DIE, you will be at fault.


  • It is LEGAL to /tpa to someone and kill them
  • It is ILLEGAL to accept a /tpa request if you are in a dangerous place (Ex. Flying at 500 Y Height with an Elytra)
  • It is ILLEGAL to ./tphere someone and kill them
  • It is ILLEGAL to teleport to a player and lie about your intentions
    (If you say you will not kill them and then proceed to kill them, or promise them free diamonds but kill them on teleport, you will be punished)
  • Teleporting to a /warp or /homes and dying by any means is LEGAL. You choose to teleport, you accept the risk. The only exception is if someone is baiting players with the incentive of free items, or there are traps.

Discord Server Rules

  • English only in public chats.
  • Banter and comical talk is encouraged, but keep it to a minimum. No spamming or flooding the chat as well as no @mention spamming or /tts abuse. This includes bot commands. @mentioning someone and then deleting it is also not allowed.
  • Keep arguments to a minimum. There’s a private chat for a reason. Derailed arguments will be dealt with swiftly and abruptly with no warning.
  • Keep conversations relevant to the channel. If your discussion doesn’t have a topic, head to #offtopic. While we do give out warnings, eventually you will be muted for 1h or longer. 
  • No advertising of other servers (Minecraft or Discord) and no self promotion. Talk of other servers is allowed but only to a certain degree, in depth server discussions should be held in private. If you wish to trash talk a different server, do so elsewhere.
    PMing people with your servers (where there is no interest) will result in you getting banned.
  • The distribution of files, warez, and generally fishy content is not allowed. This includes mods and game core files. Illegal content is also strictly not allowed. If you wish to share these files do so privately but if you sent them to unwilling users you may find yourself reported and eventually removed from the server.
  • Keep racism and politics to a minimum. While we are generally laid back when it comes to this, we don’t want to see our channels turned into a political battlefield. This includes Hïtler / Stalin talk and any racial remarks of this extent will result in a mute or kick depending on severity.
  • Pornography in general (in any way, shape or form) isn’t allowed anywhere in this Discord (#nsfw is not for pornography) .
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