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Q: How do I earn free food and diamonds?

A: You can get free cooked chicken and diamonds by voting for our server. Just type /vote in game :)

Q: How do I earn Larimar Shards (the server's currency) ?

A: Visit spawn to trade your iron, gold, diamonds, or emeralds with the official currency shopkeepers.

How do I get Crystallions, the server's rare item token?

A: Visit our server shop to buy them for just 50 cents here.

 How do I find an unoccupied area to live away from spawn?

A: Type /rtp to tp to a random place on the map and then type /sethome so you can always return to this spot by typing /home

 How do I teleport to my friend?

A: Type /tpa playername to request to tp to your friend, and /tphere to send a request for them to tp to you. Your friend will have to type /tpaccept yourname to accept the tp.

How do I claim land?

A: Type /claimbook yourname to learn all about how to claim, and the commands you need to know.

How do I invite someone to my home or see who I have invited?

A: To invite someone, just type /home invite playername and to see who can come to your home type /home ilist.

 When I mine a spawner, what am I most likely to find?

A: Mob spawners are divided into 5 categories, depending on their rarity: 

Super Legendary mob spawners (0.1% chance): • Ender dragon • Evoker • Wither boss 

Legendary mob spawners (2% chance): • Iron Golem • Vindicator • Drowned 

Epic mob spawners (8% chance): • Zombie Pigman • Skeleton • Blaze • Wither_Skeleton • Dolphin • Skeleton horse • Creeper • Shulker 

Rare mob spawners (20% chance): • Zombie • Enderman • Ghast • Magma Cube • Stray • Villager • Mooshroom cow • Llama • Witch • Squid • Guardian • Slime 

Normal mob spawners (70% chance): • Chicken • Cow • Horse • Snow man • Pig • Parrot • Sheep • Turtle • Wolf • Polar bear • Spider • Husk • Cave Spider • Salmon • pufferfish • Donkey • Zombie horse • Phantom • Illusioner • Mule • Rabbit • Vex • Ocelot 

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