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AtlanticCraft Account Security

We take your account security and privacy very seriously at AtlanticCraft, we have taken actions to prevent any staff member (including owners) from viewing your in game password. To help support us in keeping your data secure please do not use the same password for your accounts and change them if you find out someone has gained access to your account.

Please do not give other users (including staff members) your password. If you have done this we strongly reccomend that you change your password as a matter of urgency.

 Any data we log about you, including but not limited to: Deaths, Kills, Private Messages and Bans are viewable on our website. 

If you loose or forget your account password and would like it reset, please contact a owner or coowner and we can get your password reset. You will need your IP address that you play on the server with so that we know that it is in fact you wanting to change your password. Please change your password as soon as you are able to login by using /cp oldpass newpass

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